Slater Industrial Academy and Cottages

Construction Date: 1890s

Slater Industrial Academy, founded in 1892, began as a 20-foot by 40-foot one-room frame structure with a full basement on a 50-foot by 140-foot lot. Francis L. Atkins, the school’s first president, said he “remembered the building fondly because as a boy he had attended school there.  Across the street from that building the school had a large frame house used as an office and girls’ dormitory.  Male students lived at homes in the community. When Lamson Hall was built in 1896, the original building was used for the lower grades.  In 1905, children enrolled in Slater’s lower grades transferred to a new school built by the county. Slater needed the original building no longer, and sold it to the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church a few years later.”