Access Services


Access to the general materials collection is available through Circulation. Materials are checked out, returned, or renewed at the Circulation desk. Patrons may also check out books using the self-checkout station next to the Circulation desk in the lobby.

The Circulation desk is also where patrons can receive assistance regarding the location of materials, answers to directional and transactional questions, activate Ram Cards, pay for charges, check out a laptop computer to use in the library, and get popular non-circulating periodicals (newspapers and some magazines) to use within the library.

All WSSU faculty, staff, and students must use their Ram Card, which should be current and validated each school year, to borrow materials. Borrowers are financially responsible for all materials checked out on their Ram Cards.

 Eligible Borrowers

Borrowing Library Materials

***WSSU Students (Undergraduates and Graduates)

***WSSU Faculty and Staff

***Retired Faculty and Staff

***City Patrons

Cooperative Borrowers –
(WSSU Students, Faculty and Staff - Borrowing from Other Academic Libraries)

WSSU Library participates in reciprocal borrowing agreements with the University of North Carolina institutions (UNC System) & TALA (Triad Academic Library Association)
Cooperative lending provides a means for students, faculty and staff of all University of North Carolina institutions (UNC System) & TALA to directly borrow materials from the library of any other institution in these constituent systems.

 ***Special Programs

 ***All Temporary Employees (For Borrowing)

 ***Distance Education Students

Loan Periods



New Books


Educational DVD's




6 Months

3 weeks

3 days

6 Days

3 hours

3 hours


3 weeks

3 weeks

3 days

Lib Use Only

3 hours

3 hours



Overdue Charges for Books

Faculty, staff & student charges are sent to the Cashier’s Office – (Quarterly). The processing charge is non-refundable. All borrowers are charged the replacement cost for items damaged, lost or not returned after 61 days, plus a non-refundable processing charge of $25.00. Check out and renewal of materials is prohibited if patrons owe $150.00 or more in replacement charges and/or processing costs.  Patrons must reduce their balance to a minimum of $140.00 to regain library check out and renewal privileges. Patrons can pay at the circulation desk and make sure patron receives a receipt.