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User Regulations
Donor Policy
Copying Policy


The Winston-Salem State University Archives’ primary mission is to identify, collect, preserve, and make available: 1) official noncurrent university records, 2) historical records and objects of enduring value, and 3) personal papers of alumni, faculty, and staff that support scholarly research and the curricular strengths of Winston-Salem State University.  We are also responsible for records management retention in compliance with the UNC Record Retention policy.


The Winston-Salem State University Archives is located on the 1st floor of the C.G. O’Kelly Library in room 164, on the campus of Winston-Salem State University, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


The regular hours of operation are 8 AM to 1:00 PM and 2:00 to 5:00 PM, EST, Monday-Friday.
After hours appointments are available under special circumstances.


*User Regulations:

      Hayward L. Oubre Papers. Winston-Salem State University Archives, Winston-Salem NC

*Donor Policy:

Title to the materials will pass from the donor to Winston-Salem State University upon delivery and signing of official Deed of Gift.

The WSSU Archives is interested in all materials relative to the history of Winston-Salem State University. Persons interested in donating materials to the Archives are encouraged to contact us at (336) 750-2455.

Subject to the restrictions in accordance with the Archives documentation/collection development policy the WSSU Archives will return to donor all irrelevant materials. Unclaimed materials will be discarded.

The donor is responsible for cost of official appraisal if donor deems donated materials of monetary value.

The donor gives and assigns to the Winston-Salem State University Archives all rights unless otherwise specified.

* A Guide to Donating Your Personal and Family Papers to a Repository (Maintained by the Society of American Archivists) -

* Copying Policy:

The historical materials housed in the Winston-Salem State University Archives are one of a kind and some are of a fragile nature. Therefore, patrons are not allowed to photocopy archival material but must instead defer any photocopying request to an archives staff person.

The Archives staff reserves the right to deny photocopying services and access to materials under copyright/donor restriction or if the photocopy request is excessive in volume. The duplication fee for each individual copy is .10 cents and payable upon completion of the request.
If you are a student you must use your Ram Card for copying.  For all other patrons: we do not accept checks.

Unpublished works cannot be copied without the permission of the writer, donor, or the WSSU O’Kelly Library.  This is in compliance with US copyright law.

Archival and Manuscript Collections

* About WSSU Archival and Manuscript Collections

Among the strengths of the Winston-Salem State University Archives are the collecting, preserving, and making available the primary source records documenting the history and cultural legacy of Winston-Salem State University. In addition to housing the noncurrent archival records originating from various university offices and departments; private manuscript collections from alumni, faculty, staff, the archives maintains photographs, video taped oral histories, yearbooks, student newspapers, and other publications.

Any Winston-Salem State University Archives material used for publication should include:
the name of the collection used, the finding aid number, Winston-Salem State University Archives, C.G. O’Kelly Library, Winston-Salem, N.C. in the citation.

 * Available Archival and Manuscript Collections

* University Records
* Manuscript Collections    

As finding aids become available electronically, they will be linked here.


University Records

* Simon Green Atkins, RG 3/1
* Francis Loguen Atkins, RG 3/2
* Kenneth Raynard Williams, RG 3/3
* Francis L. Atkins, RG 3/4
* Kenneth R. Williams, RG 3/5
* H. Douglass Covington, RG 3/6
* Haywood L. Wilson, RG 3/7
* Cleon L. Thompson, RG 3/8
* Gerald McCants, RG 3/9
* Alvin Schexnider, RG 3/10

* Harold L. Martin, RG 3/11

Manuscript Collections

* Clarence E. “Bighouse” Gaines, Sr., MS 1
* Hayward L. Oubre, Jr., MS 2
* National Alumni Association Records, MS 3
* Rayford A. Means, MS 4
* Matthew A. Hafar, MS 5
* Dwight A. Jones, MS 6
* Jasper A. Atkins, MS 7
* Francis L. Ross Coble, MS 8
* James R. Jarrell, MS 9
* Slater Hospital Records, MS 10
* Lualgia Pitts Alcorn, MS 12
* Winston-Salem Teacher’s Association Papers, MS 13


Historic Images, Publications & More

* Historic Photographs
* WSSU Online Exhibit
* Digital Forsyth Digitization Project

* Historic Photographs

The Winston-Salem State University Archives photograph collection gives researchers a visual perspective of Winston-Salem State University’s historic past, and dynamic future as an institution of higher learning. Photographs in the Historic Photograph Collection fall under the categories of alumni, athletics, administrative and service activities, buildings, campus views and grounds, events, faculty and staff, and student activities.

Donated archival and manuscript collections which contain photographs are separated from paper files but left as a part of the collection so as not to disrupt provenance. Photographs which augment and support Winston-Salem State University’s pictorial history may be reproduced and added to the historic photograph collection. All photograph categories are assigned a series identification number, beginning with the letter AP@ followed by a series number.

A more comprehensive index for the photograph collection is available on site at the Winston-Salem State University Archives.

*Winston-Salem State University Archives On-line Exhibit                                              

 Access to Other Archives and Special Collections
* Society of North Carolina Archivists (Maintained by Society of N.C. Archivists)

* Repositories of Primary Sources (Maintained by University of Idaho Archives)

* North Carolina ECHO (Exploring Cultural Heritage Online) (Supported by the Institute of        
Museum and Library Services)

* Digital Forsyth (Supported by grant funds from the Institute of Museum and Library  Services).  You must have permission from the donating institution to use these photos if  you would like to reproduce them in presentations.  The guidelines are outlined on the  Digital Forsyth website.